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A rarity in the late 90's italian wave of metal acts, AIRBORN is a power metal band with a personal sound and vision!
Together since 1996 the band immediately showed its potential with the self-produced "Born To Fly" demo CD that received very good reviews worldwide.
On the turn of the millennium the band joined forces with cult-producer Piet Sielck to engineer & mix their debut album "AGAINST THE WORLD".
Working in Hamburg opened the way for a very welcome deal with Remedy Records.
Press and audience were surprised by a band that wasn't just another RHAPSODY clone, but played power metal in the vein of GAMMARAY or HELLOWEEN.

In 2003 the "german sounding italians" are back with a stronger, heavier and more innovative album: "D-GENERATION", once again featuring Iron Savior's mastermind as co-producer.
Headbanging riffs add the feel of artists like ZAKK WILDE or JUDAS PRIEST to the usual band sound, while ambitious songwriting and intriguing sound solutions lead the band into new creative territories.

If you thought there's nothing new in power metal, you're in for a big surprise in October 2003.

Line Up

Alessio Perardi on vocals, guitars & keyboards
Roberto Capucchio on guitars
Alberto Leschi on bass
Tony Serra on drums.

Internet: www.fanzine.net/bands/airborn

E-Mail: perardi@remove-this.inrete.it

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