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Burden of Grief


Since the mid 90’s BURDEN OF GRIEF belong together with bands such as Night In Gales, Dark Age and Soul Demise to the German pioneers and flag ships of melodic death metal, a genre, which seemed to be owned exclusively by Scandinavian bands up to this time. But with their new record “Death End Road” the band has proved once again impressively that they don’t need to hide before their international competitors. Actually the boundaries of the genre are torn down once more and the 10 songs are enriched with impacts of traditional metal, thrash metal and modern metal, so that there has come out a tremendous dynamic and thrilling riff-monster, that will occupy one’s brain with its catchy melodies and soli whilst shortest time. The album was produced once more in the famous Jailhouse Studios with Danish hardrock and metal legend Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Pretty Maids, Hatesphere), who catched the power and energy of the bands live performances and brought it on polycarbonate. With “Death End Road” BURDEN OF GRIEF succeeded once more in surpassing the level of their previous record and to create an album that will also fascinate fans far beyond the “melodic death metal” genre.

Internet: www.burdenofgrief.de

E-Mail: info@remove-this.burdenofgrief.de

Line Up:

Mike Huhmann - Vocals
Philipp Hanfland - Guitars
Johannes Rudolph - Guitars
Florian Bauer - Bass
Sebastian Robrecht - Drums


Haunting Requiems CD (2000, Grind Syndicate Media)
On Darker Trails CD (2001, Massacre Records)
Fields Of Salvation CD (2004, Remedy Records)
Fields Of Salvation CD [USA] (2005, Magick Records)
Death End Road CD (2007, Remedy Records)

Tracklist Death End Road

    Death End Road
    Vita Reducta
    Swallow The Sun
    The Game
    Running Scared
    The Killer In Me
    Drown In Sorrow
    Passion Of The Night
    Road Of Visions
    Smashed To Pieces ‘07 [Bonustrack]
    Immense Infinity ’07 [Bonustrack]

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