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 Devariem were founded by guitarist Benjamin Botev in May 2009. The five guys from Lübeck play brutal, but never too simple Thrash/Death Metal.
Shortly after their first gigs they recorded the EP “Peace was never an Option” with Lasse Lammert ( Alestorm ).
The EP was praised by the critics and support slots for bands like The Sorrow and Tyr followed. Devariem played at the Metal Bash Open Air and even some gigs outside of Germany.
The band started recording their full-length debut “Planet Earth: Ground Zero” in the autumn of 2012. It was recorded by Eike Freese (Dark Age, Gamma Ray, Negator, Callejon etc.) at Hammer Studios and is filled with elaborate riffing, clean played solos and some blast beats, that leave no place for boredom.
On top of that a singer that knows how to claim a stage and has got a recognizable voice – what else could you ask for?
With these hard hitting arguments they sealed a deal with Remedy Records.

For fans of Exodus, Exhorder and Machine Head.

Line Up

Benjamin Botev(Guitar)

Alex Lendge(Vocals)

Jan Schütz(Guitar)

Dario Rosello (Bass)

Joe Müller(Drums)

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