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HIBRIA is releasing its new album named THE SKULL COLLECTORS:
The album has 9 songs and brings HIBRIA connected to their roots but in a more contemporary approach, resulting in a blasting raging album made to energize, from the beginning to the end, whoever listens to it.

The band members who recorded its worldwide acclaimed debut album DEFYING THE RULES remained the same, excepting the drummer replaced by the ex-roadie of the band, Eduardo Baldo. Once again, the album was produced by guitar and bass players Diego Kasper and Marco Panichi.

They've brought the powerful vocals of Iuri Sanson to new stages and highlighted the complex rhythm riffs and arrangements developed by guitar players Abel Camargo and Diego Kasper up to the face of the listeners. Drums and Bass guitar were in charge of delivering a consistently heavy and loud rhythm section to support the strong melodies developed by the lead musicians.

HIBRIA's new CD was mixed and mastered in Germany by ACHIM KÖHLER. His previous works have made him the appointed person to deal with the different moods of the album. Achim has worked with bands from different styles such as Amon Amarth, Sodom, Pink Cream 69 and Brainstorm. He was also responsible for the mixing and mastering of the album Devil's Ground from Primal Fear, and he has done a consistent remastering work on several Death Metal CDs, mainly from the record label Nuclear Blast.

The lyrics of the album explore the path crossed by a man who achieves his dream on becoming an air force pilot but later on, leaded by his ambition and vanity, joins a mercenary group. He then looses a partner in a trap set up by a rival group and becomes charged for that. Dominated by his wish for revenge, he falls into self-destruction meanwhile he is confined in a bunker with his past remembrances.


The Heavy Metal band HIBRIA from Brazil has been recognized worldwide, both by the media and the audience, after the release of its debut album DEFYING THE RULES.

The quality of the compositions, the technical skills and accuracy of the musicians on their instruments were highlighted, as well as the Band performance in live concerts.

The album DEFYING THE RULES was mixed and mastered in Hamburg, Germany, by the well-known producer Piet Sielck.

DEFYING THE RULES brought the melodic lines from the 80's, the speed from the 90's and the 2000's musicians skills.
The album was released in 2004 in Japan and in Germany and in 2005 in Brazil, USA, Canada, Eastern Europe, Russia, Baltic States, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong and China.


Whiplash.net/Brazil - In 2008, the website visitors chose the band for 3 consecutive years among the 10 best of Brasil, a result achieved only by the bands Angra, Sepultura, Shaaman, Dr. Sin and Torture Squad.
Tokyopop/USA - Inclusion of 2 songs on the Soundtrack of the comic novel "A Midnight Opera" - February 2007.
HMV/Japan - Best Seller in the Heavy Metal Category during 6 consecutive weeks on the retailing stores HMV in Japan.

Line Up:

Luri Sanson (Vocals)
Abel Camargo (Guitars)
Diego Kasper (Guitars)
Marco Panichi (Bass)
Eduardo Baldo (Drums)


1997 Metal Heart CD (Selfproduced)
1999 Against The Facless CD (Selfproduced)
2001 Steel Lord on Wheels Single (Selfproduced)
2004 Defying The Rules CD (Remedy Records)
2009 The Skull Collectors CD (Remedy Records)

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