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Icarus Witch

Icarus Witch

March, 2005: a relatively unknown band from Pittsburgh, PA named Icarus Witch unleashed a 5 song beast called Roses On White Lace to an unsuspecting underground scene. The results astounded even the most jaded metal heads & industry insiders, already buzzing from the Witch's offerings on all-star tributes to Sabbath & Alice Cooper (the latter of which included guest guitar work from Symphony X prodigy, Michael Romeo!) They were immediately thrown in the ring alongside pioneers from Dio, Maiden, Crue, Megadeth, Racer X & Twisted Sister as well as modern masters like Iced Earth & Children Of Bodom. The critics agreed, Icarus Witch sonically stood up to the big boys & their EP took this test to the next level. With praise from top 'zines (Metal Maniacs, BW&BK, Outburn, Pit, Explicitly Intense, & Germany's Heavy Oder Was!?) unanimously praising them as leaders of a U.S. traditional metal revival...the pressure mounted. Could the rookies deliver a full length album to justify the hype? What you now possess is proof that with a crystal vision & a relentless drive to tap into the lost, mystic energy of their heroes, there is no reason why the torch ignited by bands like Queensryche, Priest, Yngwie & Rainbow in their prime can't be passed along to a younger generation of players & fans. While others in the modern power metal movement list the same influences, Icarus Witch are among the few who can successfully transport today's listener to that vintage era without sounding like a retro, novelty act, or worse, adding excessive double kick drum abuse, floppy, down-tuned guitars, or the obligatory "dirty" vocal accompaniment. Where this young band soars to from here remains to be seen; but with their blend of intense, melodic vocals singing tales of fantastic, haunted realms combined with tastefully shredding, neoclassical guitar hooks & timeless, overdriven riffs, Icarus Witch are capable of leading the New Wave of American True Metal as expected. With legendary friends like Mr. Scary, George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob) & Frank Aresti (Fates Warning) adding their seal of approval via blistering guest guitar solos, Icarus Witch are breaking the chains of trendy music & awakening the guardians of heavy metal's unholy grail. Add to the mix a state of the art fantasy video starring adult superstar, Jasmin St. Claire & you have the visual goods to complement the audio. We hope you agree, this future classic succeeds in its quest to Capture The Magic of those arena rock giants. Crank up the headphones & enjoy!

Line Up

Matthew Bizilia – vocals
Steve Pollick – bass, keyboards
Jason Myers – bass, keyboards
Jere Jameson – drums

Internet: www.icaruswitch.com

E-Mail: info@remove-this.icaruswitch.com

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