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NECRONOMICON was founded by Freddy, Axel and Lala in the south-west German town of Weil am Rhein in 1983. The three musicians, who originally came from the punk music scene, soon came under the influence of bands like Motorhead and Metallica. In 1984, a second guitarist, Jogi, joined the group. In 1986, the band signed their first record deal with GAMA and produced the album NECRONOMICON. The record soon became a hit and the band were celebrated in the underground scene and in numerous fanzines. The mix of hard Thrash and punk-influences attracted an enthusiastic fan base from Russia to Chile. The second album APOCALYPTIC NIGHTMARE appears a year later and is the last on which Lala appears on bass. Freddy and Jogi play bass on ESCALATION and then a bass-player musical-chairs starts. Mörtsch plays bass on the 1990 tour of the Eastern block and on the recording of SCREAMS, and Erna on the last demo production POSSESSED AGAIN. Since 2002 Mac has been on the 4-strings for NECRONOMICON, thus brining the bass-player drama to an end. NECRONOMICON has been through many ups and downs in the last 20 years. After the third album with GAMA, they separated from the company and were forced to be silent for legal reasons. In 1992, a fire destroyed the practice room and much of the musical equipment. In 1993 NECRONOMICON signed with D&S Records but the company failed after a year. Then the New Metal Scene took off, leaving no place on the stage for old school thrashers.In 2001 NECRONOMICON suffered their severest blow: due to a tinnitus problem, guitarrist Jogi could no longer play on stage. Jogi is nonetheless still with the band and is represented live by Andi. With the publishing of the long-delayed and oft-postponed CD CONSTRUCTION OF EVIL in the middle of this year, the German cult thrash combo NECRONOMICON will have their fifth album ready for their fans. It will appear under the label of the Hamburg company, REMEDY RECORDS, with whom NECRONOMICON signed in March, 2004.

“We’d never been away, we just didn’t want anything to do with this New Metal stuff..“
Our inspiration is our belief in music as it’s played by Testament, Slayer, Anthrax, our friends in Destruction and of course, NECRONOMICON.

Old-school Thrash never dies!

NECRONOMICON have uncompromisingly gone their own way in the production of CONSTRUCTION OF EVIL and have deliberately chosen a sound that recalls the 90‘s. “We did our thing.“

The NECRO–Fan world will know the reason why – We’re possessed again!!!!!!!

Line Up

Freddy – Guitars, Vocals
Axel – Drums
Mac – Bass, Backing Vocals
Jogi – Guitars, Backing Vocals


1987 – Apocalyptic Nightmare
1988 – Escalation
1995 – Screams
2004 – Construction Of Evil (Remedy Records)

Internet: www.necronomicon-online.de

E-Mail: service@remove-this.necronomicon-online.de

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