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Predator was founded in 2002 when members of the melodic power metal band Stormblade and the thrashcore band Mindless Crime eventually decided to merge their bands. Stormblade was founded in 1996 by guitarist Niels Löffler and bassist Max Schmieding. Guitarist Marko Osterholz joined the band a few weeks later. Together with a whole bunch of other musicians in constantly changing line-ups, the band played their melodic power metal in various venues all over the local area. During that period, the band also began to record a few demo MCs and CDs, one of which was produced by Rebellion guitarist Uwe Lulis. At that time, Stormblade used to be very popular in the area around Osnabrück and Bielefeld and many people expected them to be successful in the near future. However, what with persistent line-up problems and further set-backs, Stormblade were unable to present their songs to a big audience, let alone to get a recording contract. Notwithstanding, the band doggedly went on writing new material and playing live gigs, again with different line-ups. New vocalist was now Marko Osterholz, who abandoned his post as the band's guitarist and took over as a singer. When the recording company Remedy Records began to show interest in the band, the band members finally decided to go the whole hog and merge their band with another local band: Mindless Crime. With the highly talented guitarist Daniel Hinz and his younger brother, Drummer Sebastian “Batta” Hinz, the newly formed band immediately began with the recording of their debut album. This was chiefly done in Niels Löffler's homestudio. Partly at the instance of the recording company, and partly of their own accord, the band changed their name into Predator. On their debut album, the band combines all trademarks of classic and traditional heavy metal, thus creating its very own distinctive style. What with the new line-up and the new album about to be released, the band is now highly motivated to play live gigs all over the country.

Line Up:

Marko Osterholz – (vocals)
Niels Löffler – (guitar)
Max Schmieding – (bass)
Daniel Hinz – (guitar)
Sebastian Hinz - (drums)

Internet: www.predatorband.com

E-Mail: band@remove-this.predatorband.com

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