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Playing death metal instead of metalcore is a statement in today's metal scene. Especially when a band hails from Germany. Soul Demise are proud to fly the flag of death, despite the fact that their music won't help erasing the minus on their bank account. But these five young men decided to rather concentrate on their songwriting than worry about bad checks. True rock'n'roll spirit, indeed. But it's not this spirit that makes Soul Demise so special. It's the band's precise vision of how death metal should sound nowadays. Without neglecting their love for Gothenburg-death, Soul Demise managed to create their own style of killing. Their songs are shrewd, honest and, needless to say, brutal. Subtle melodies dare to flirt with blind fury, perfectly balanced, of course. "Blind" supplies evidence not only of the musicians' breathtaking songwriting skills, but also of their emancipation as a band.

Founded in 1993, Soul Demise have successfully coped with the trouble every inexperienced group is forced to face: an unstable line-up, financial desasters, a band name that isn't as original as it was supposed to be. Nonetheless, they accomplished to record two albums, "Beyond Human Perception" (2000) and "In Vain" (2002), both released internationally. Plus they headed out for various european tours supporting Napalm Death, Immolation, Krisiun and recently Dismember.

Their third album "Blind" shows Soul Demise on the peak of their previous career. With the helping hands of producer Jacob Hansen (Hatesphere, Illdisposed, Raunchy etc.), the band has created twelve traditionalistic, but nevertheless modern death metal songs. And they proved that there is potential apart from the power-, thrash- and metalcore-scene. Even in Germany. Soul Demise are ready to for a leap forward. It's gonna be a great one. Don't miss it.

Petra Schurer (METAL HAMMER/Germany), december 2004

Line Up:

Roman Zimmerhackel – Vocals
Andreas Schuhmeier – Guitars, Vocals
Alex Hagenauer – Guitars
Tom Gschwendner – Bass
Roland Jahoda – Drums

Internet: www.souldemise.de


INCANTATIONS (Demo, 1994, als Inhuman)
INNER FEARS (Eigenproduktion, 1996, als Inhuman)
IN VAIN (CD, 2002)
BLIND (CD,2005)005)

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