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In 2009 the chainsaw hits hard again! Torment are back with their new studio album Tormentizer to celebrate the band´s 25th anniversary. Even 25 years after the band was formed, the unique sound of Torment remains unaffected. On the debut album "Bestial Sex" from 1987 it started with 100% Thrash Metal, but on the following albums the influence of dirty Rock 'n' Roll grew larger - Thrash 'n' Roll was born...

The live performances of Torment are always mindblowing which has already been demonstrated four times at the Wacken Open Air amongst others; So watch out for the 25th anniversary live shows 2009!

TORMENT was founded in 1984 in the spirit of the first generation Thrash-Metal bands. In 1987 the first strike hit the metal scene with the 5-track EP "Bestial Sex" which was produced by the band itself. Without any distribution and promotion more than 2,000 copies were sold. The single is still wanted by collectors.

The second single "Das Neue" (1989) was released for promotional purpose only, because the record label Steamhammer took the chance to sign the cult band. So TORMENT entered the studio again to record their first full-length album with the perhaps longest title in music history: "EXPERIENCE A NEW DIMENSION OF FEAR. THE HORRORS OF THE PAST WERE JUST A TASTE OF THINGS TO COME. PAST EVENTS HAVE BEEN MERE HINTS OF FUTURE TERRORS. EVERYTHING SO FAR HAS ONLY BEEN A WARNING…" (released in 1991). Even the band has serious problems to remember the whole title.

Now our beer-lovers went out to present their material to a grown audience. 10,000 people at the Millerntor-Festival (Hamburg) enjoyed the new THRASH´N´ROLL of TORMENT. This was followed by a successful tour with "Messiah" and "Assorted Heap" where the clubs were as full as the beer mugs.

Immediately after this tour the live-burner "SIE KAM ZU MIR AM MORGEN" was released as the third single in 1992, followed by a split-CD with "Minotaur" and "Desert Storm" in 1993.

The next years were spent with extensive touring inc. shows at the Wacken Open Air 1993 and `94.

In 1997 TORMENT had lots of beer and some recording sessions in the Lautmeister studios. The result was "SPERMATIZED" and included four new songs and four cover versions. The release party was celebrated live at the Wacken Open Air right after "Hammerfall" where the already injured bangers were totally blown away by a devastating pyro-show.

The "SPERM OVER EUROPE TORTOUR" was continued to the beginning of 1999.

After a contribution to the Unbroken Metal sampler with the track "We Still Die" the 15-years-anniversary of TORMENT was marked by another release with the fitting title "NOT DEAD YET". And again destruction and violence were supposed to be seen on the stages all over Europe, being highlighted by the Headbanger`s and Wacken Open Airs 1999.

TORMENT contributed to the "New Generation Of Rock"-sampler with the track "NATURE`S REVENGE" in the year 2000 and recorded four "Motörhead"-coverversions for the Motörmorphösis - A Tribute To Motörhead Part 1 + 2 ("Ace of Spades" + "Stone Dead Forever" for Motörmorphösis Part 1 and "No Voices in the Sky" + "Orgasmatron" for Motörmorphösis Part 2). To promote the sampler, TORMENT performed several shows as MOTÖRMENT and played only Motörhead classics on these gigs.

The 20th band anniversary was celebrated with a headliner show at the Metal Bash Open Air 2004 including everything the real metal fan´s heart desires like tons of pyros, Go Go Girls, firespitting, chainsaws, flamethrowing and Thrash´n´Roll all night. After that, the band went directly into the studio to record 19 songs for the next album with the perfectly fitting title "Tormentation" plus "Denim and Leather" for the Saxon Tribute "Eagleution" and "Prisoners of our time" for the Running Wild Tribute "The Revivalry".

After a phase of recreation TORMENT are back to celebrate the band´s 25th anniversary with their new studio album Tormentizer, which is to be released in July 2009.

Line Up

Jörn Rüter - Vocals
Ray Curtis - Guitars
Chris Gripp - Drums
Tom Ramone - Bass


1987 EP "Bestial Sex"
1989 Single "Das Neue"
1991 Album "Experience A New Dimension Of Fear..."
1992 Single "Sie kam zu mir am Morgen"
1993 Split Album mit "Minotaur" und "Desert Storm"
1996 Live Video "Live At Markthalle/Hamburg"
1997 Album "Spermatized"
1999 Album "Not Dead Yet"
2003 Live - DVD "Live Metal Bash Open Air 2003"
2005 Album "Tormentation"
2009 Album "Tormentizer"

Internet: www.tormentation.de

E-Mail: info@remove-this.tormentation.de

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