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Riefenstahl was founded in 2002 by guitar player Ralph Laskowski and singer Jens Esch (The Cockroach). In 2004 the band has released its debut album, Seelenschmerz. It was available only in Germany initially. Since 2005, it is now available all over the world.

Since then Riefenstahl retains its solid reputation in hard German-language music and their furious, emotional songs can be heard in discotheques and on radio continuously. They have earned enthusiastic reviews by national as well as international critics for their songwriting and lyrics. The few negative write ups about Riefenstahl were swallowed by the band without any kind of pain, remembering the famous words of the one and only Otto Sanders: "What you achieve without struggle is not really interesting and will not hold up for long."

The band will carry on it's own course despite these detractors! Instinkt will be released 2007. It will reflect the powerful, emotional sonic landscapes as its strong predecessor Seelenschmerz effectively did. That as well as their undeniably original musical approach, Riefenstahl promises to keep taking a strong position within the music-industry.

Line Up

Jens Esch - Vocals
Ralph Laskowski - Guitars
Daniel Peschel - Bass
Gregor Heise - Drums


2005: SEELENSCHMERZ (Loyworld Records)
2007: INSTINKT (Rude Records)

Weitere Infos unter www.riefenstahl-music.com

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